Buying a static caravan for private land can be a great way to provide extra living space, to accommodate the family during self-build or home renovation project, or as a practical solution for staff accommodation.

Check out our top tips on buying a static caravan for private land, to see if this is an ideal solution for you: 

Land & Location


Do you have a hard-standing surface prepared for the static caravan? It will have four corner legs but will need to be supported/propped appropriately and safely.

It’s worth making sure that the area is fully accessible and doesn’t obstruct anyone else or prevent you tradespeople and suppliers delivering to the area.

Make sure there is enough space to site the vehicle and room around it to put infrastructure in place such as plumbing and pipework, and that it is close enough to a power supply if required.


Remember that when buying a static caravan for private land, this may mean exciting developments and renovations for you and your loved ones, but it may be a source for disruption and upheaval for neighbours or local people.

It may help to let local contacts know when the static caravan will arrive, what it’s for and how long you foresee it being on your land, as well as to share your site plan and your contact details if they have any concerns.

Planning Permission 

First and foremost you may need to obtain planning permission when you buy a static caravan for private land. This is usually straightforward and you need to work with your local authority to get this approved.

Head to the Planning Portal for more information, regulations were updated in July 2020.

You may be asked questions such as:

  • How accessible is the land for a vehicle of this size?
  • What is the surface of the land – is it to be positioned in an area of flat concrete area? Is it on agricultural land?
  • What is the layout of the private land?
  • What is the function and ownership of the private land?

Once you have your planning approval you will need to find out how long this is for and if/when it will need to be renewed.

There may also be a change to council tax details, so make sure you consult with your local authority.

Planning Portal

Design & Specification

If you’re looking to buy a static caravan for your own land, choosing the right one is the most important decision. Our latest stock list has been updated with a wide selection of options available.

Start to think about your priorities:


  • How many people will it need to accommodate at one time?
  • How much time will be spent there?
  • Who will be using the static caravan?


  • Will you need the static caravan to have any specific modifications, such as disabled access or wider doors/entrances if less able visitors are accessing the static caravan?


  • How long will the caravan be in place for?
  • Will an older model suffice or does the static caravan need to be modern and up to date to fit with its use and your own lifestyle?
  • Is resale value of major importance budget wise?
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Set Up & Infrastructure 

Living in a static caravan for some or all of your time will mean putting in basic infrastructure such as:

  • Gas
  • Electricity and power supply
  • Sewage and waste water removal
  • Telephone and Wi-Fi connection

This will involve ensuring that an expert has completed safety checks and signed off your set up as safe for you and your family/colleagues to use.

There may be additional requirements such as Wi-Fi connection and ensuring suitable access to power sockets, if the area is being used for administration, project management or as a home office.

Planning Portal

Delivery & Transportation

Preparation for the arrival of your static caravan on your private land is key, and it’s worth making a plan for every relevant scenario. Consider factors such as access to the site and the support of local residents and business nearby.

When looking at your chosen site think about the following considerations:

  • Are there any low-hanging trees?
  • Is your entrance/gate wide enough to accommodate the width of a static caravan?
  • Are there any large gateposts or obstructions for the delivery drive to have to navigate?
  • Are there any narrow or steep and inaccessible roads on the approach to the site?
  • Have you let neighbours know that the static caravan will be arriving?
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Safety & Security 

When buying a static caravan it’s important to consider the safety and security of the static caravan, such as keeping it locked up when you’re not there or when you’re busy managing projects. You’ll also need to insure the property and its contents.


Your insurance policy will need to include the static caravan and its contents, remember to consider accidental damage such as in the event of a leak or a fire, as well as for the risk of criminal damage, theft and vandalism.

Locks and Alarms

Try to ensure that the required locks and safety precautions are taken to fully validate your insurance policy to keep both your loved ones and your belongings safe.


Try to keep tools, materials and personal belongings safely put away and locked inside the static caravan where possible, so that they aren’t visible to potential thieves.

Seasonal Changes

Renovation projects and house builds can take longer than expected and before you know it you are into a new season, perhaps with more challenging weather conditions and therefore risks.

Delays or changes to build specification may mean that you’ll be staying in the static caravan for longer than you anticipated, so it’s best to plan for every eventuality and make sure you have access to good trades contacts if needed.

Factors to consider throughout the year:

  • Frozen pipes
  • Leaks or overflow of water during rainy periods
  • Condensation
  • Ventilation on warmer days
  • Reliable heating for periods of low temperatures
  • Double glazing may be helpful with cooler periods or long term stays
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Buying a static caravan for private land can make the perfect solution to enable you to build your dream home, or to provide a practical way to accommodate staff.

The team at Static Caravan Store have many years of experience of this process and will be happy to guide you through your purchase!

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