Mobile Homes For Sale in the UK


The UK is one of the leading countries in the world for the manufacture and supply of mobile homes. Used for residential properties, holidays, extra living spaces, and park developments, mobile homes have never been more popular. In fact, currently, there is a shortage of supply and businesses are facing challenges with the supply of static caravans and lodges. You will be pleased to know, Static Caravan Store, has hundreds of different units for sale.

Mobile Homes For Sale UK

Our mobile homes are available to buy across the UK. Whether you are looking for a pre-owned classic, a mid-range, single unit lodge, or a luxury twin unit lodge, we can make your dreams come true. The Static Caravan Store sells to individuals looking for one unit but we also sell our mobile homes in bulk, quite often to entrepreneurs with land looking to create a park.


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Our Suggested Mobile Homes For Sale UK

There are a wealth of high-end manufacturers who have developed stunning mobile homes. We work closely with the likes of Delta, Carabuild, Tingdene, and Willerby to ensure we have the best selection of new static caravans and lodges on offer. We also source great quality, excellent value, and well maintained pre-owned mobile homes. These homes come in an array of sizes to suit all needs.

When you are searching for your ideal static, make sure you contact us to discuss everything from finance to warranties. With over 5,000 sales under our belts, we know a thing or two. At the moment, we are offering to secure your dream unit for just a £500 deposit. This is even risk-free, as the £500 is refundable!

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