Plot of Land for Static Caravans in the UK

Use Your Land For a Static Caravan

So you have a plot of land and are considering using for a static caravan (or three or four), well you have come to the perfect place! The majority of our customers are people with their own land looking to add a mobile home. There are various reasons people want to do this, here are some of the main ones:

  • It’s a great way of earning additional income – if you have planning


Purchasing Process

We have hundreds of static caravans to buy directly on our site so the very first place you should look is right here. We have both new and pre-owned. If you are considering selling your existing holiday home, visit Buy My Static Caravan to get a quote.

Once you have done so, make a note of the units that interest you, and then contact us via web form, email, phone, or even live chat. We are here to help and often we can suggest more suitable static caravans or lodges.

We will then talk you through the finance options, you put a small deposit down and we arrange siting and delivery. Because we have such a huge stock, there is usually no waiting or very little waiting time. Being such a large supplier, we can provide you with as many units as you would like.

The most important thing to remember when asking the question ‘what are the options for static caravans near me?’ is:

There is no need to limit yourself to the local area, we can fulfill your dreams right here!