Static Caravans For Sale Near Me


We are constantly asked if there are any ‘static caravans for sale near me’ available on our site. To which, we always reply ‘all of our static caravans are near you!’. Ok so, perhaps in many cases they are not physically near you, they may be many miles away in fact, but thanks to modern technology and our attention to detail, at the Static Caravan Store we can supply any part of the UK, at any time.

Static Caravans For Sale Near Me

We source our pre-owned static caravans and lodges from all across the UK, ensuring they pass our rigorous standards. They are then showcased on our website and at our showground ready to sell to you. We are able to supply you with all you need to make a decision. This includes; specifications, images, videos, and even an exclusive guarantee. If you are able, we welcome you with open arms to our showgrounds in Yorkshire and Northumberland.


Purchasing Process

We have hundreds of static caravans to buy directly on our site so the very first place you should look is right here. We have both new and pre-owned. If you are considering selling your existing holiday home, visit Buy My Static Caravan to get a quote.

Once you have done so, make a note of the units that interest you, and then contact us via web form, email, phone, or even live chat. We are here to help and often we can suggest more suitable static caravans or lodges.

We will then talk you through the finance options, you put a small deposit down and we arrange siting and delivery. Because we have such a huge stock, there is usually no waiting or very little waiting time. Being such a large supplier, we can provide you with as many units as you would like.

The most important thing to remember when asking the question ‘what are the options for static caravans near me?’ is:

There is no need to limit yourself to the local area, we can fulfill your dreams right here!